A Mountain of a Letter

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A Mountain of a Letter

During the summer, occupying one of the office desks in our little hole in the ground, Synema's intern sat and edited video like a production soldier.

Jamie was spunky; sometimes wearing black lipstick and a read headband to work on a Wednesday. She was passionate about creativity and equality; noticing when a man played a particular role when it could have easily been played by a woman and when people talked about other's skin color too much.

We thought Jamie was cool, caring, and hardworking and at the end of her few months here with us, she had some nice words to say about us too:


"I spent most of this summer interning for Synema Studios. This mostly meant editing Michael’s daily vlog, “What I’m Doing Right Now,” since having that many videos requires a fair bit of editing. Sometimes I was in them. Editing yourself is weird. It was also strange to be able to use jump-cuts without having to worry about explaining to a film professor why that was the proper artistic decision. I sometimes got to mix is up with some research for “Kate Tectonics”, the upcoming educational series on geology. I also helped out in the stockroom organizing or shipping out merch. I finally, at the ripe old age of 20, learned how to fold a t-shirt properly. My mother is very proud.

This was technically my first office job, but I don’t think of Synema Studios as being much like a typical office environment. Yes, there are meetings and such, but there are also field trips to the local creek and office-wide walks to pokestops. That was at least in part because our professional workspace is in a basement and it is important to occasionally see the sun. But also because of Pokemon. In a larger business, I don’t think I would have gotten to see nearly as much variety of what needs to get done. I got to do and see a bunch of different stuff because there were at most 5 people in the office at any given time, so I got to help or at least eavesdrop on a lot of tasks, like hiring someone to do animations or sorting out budgets. I think the biggest thing I learned about being in an office is that you are going to see the same people everyday, so it is pretty nice when those people are actually fun to hang out with.

It was really interesting to see all of the work going into Kate Tectonics. Several times, during high school and college, a friend and I would come up with an idea for something, and then not have the time or resources to commit to see it through. I knew that SOMEHOW people settled down to make things, because there is so dang much media happening right now, but I wasn’t sure exactly how it happened. It was refreshing to actually see people working on projects that they started out really excited about and are still passionate enough to keep working on once it gets more difficult. It made working in a creative field somewhat more appealing, because it was nice to see people with the dedication to actually make the cool ideas happen."

~Jamie Mountain


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